How do you find participants in the NDIS marketplace?

For any business to succeed, it’s crucial to market your products and services effectively to find new participants. That’s equally true if you operate in the NDIS marketplace, you’ll just need to tailor your approach to the various types of participants.  A lot of marketing strategies these days are based on website content and social […]

How to use the NDIS Price Guide to find the billing rates for any service

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for many services that people with a disability need to live reasonably independently and well. In doing so, it improves participants’ lives while offering opportunities for service providers by defining what can be supplied under the scheme and setting out the appropriate rates of pay. Every NDIS […]

6 Tips that can help NDIS Provider reducing the Audit cost

With new Approved Quality Auditors (AQAs) being recently approved, the time is never better to ensure you get the best possible audit price. Here the PROVIDERplus tips for how to reduce your audit cost Think over it… be smart Once the application is submitted and scoping form is received, providers have sufficient time to search […]

An Attempt by the NDIS Commission to Ascertain Proportionate Approach to the Audits

It’s no surprise that there has been a host of smaller NDIS providers, delivering low risk services that have been unhappy about the registration and audit process under the NDIS Commissions Quality and Safe Guarding framework. In particular the audit costs and complexity. We are pleased to say that the NDIS Commission has acted upon […]

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