Module 2 & 2A

This is a registration group that requires you to be an “Advanced Practitioner” and be registered with the NDIS Commission.

If you are applying for the Registration group “Specialist Behaviour Support” and needs “Specialist Behavior Support Plan“, this policy pack combo is perfect for you.

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Deliverables for Module 2


  • Behaviour Support Policy and Procedure
  • Regulated Restrictive Practices Policy and Procedures
  • Supporting the Assessment and Development of Behaviour Support Plan
  • Behaviour Support Plan Implementation & Review Policy and Procedure
  • Monitoring and Reporting the Use of Regulated Restrictive Practices Policy and Procedure
  • Reportable Incidents involving the Use of Restrictive Practice Policy and Procedure
  • Interim Behaviour Support Plan Policy and Procedure
  • Professional Development Policy and Procedure


  • Annual Review of Training Provided
  • In-house training attendance register
  • Training Matrix for Individual Staff
  • Training Record

Deliverables for Module 2A


  • Implementing Behaviour Support Policy, Requirements & Responsibilities
  • Crisis response
  • Interim behaviour support plans
  • Behaviour support plan
  • Consent
  • Authorisation of regulated restrictive practices
  • Minimum requirements for the use of regulated restrictive practices
  • Review of comprehensive behaviour support plans containing a regulated restrictive practices
  • Record keeping and reporting
  • Regulated Restrictive Practices as Reportable Incidents
  • Professional Development Policy and Procedure


  • Annual Review of Training Provided
  • In-house training attendance register
  • Training Matrix for Individual Staff
  • Training Record

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Each policy pack includes the policies for 1 of these registration groups. If you require policies for more than one of the listed above please contact us for a custom quote.

Important Notes

  • These policies are template policies and may need to be customised to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • No self-assessment templates are provided in this pack, but can be purchased for an additional fee
  • Form templates provided may also need editing to suit your business needs
  • Documents are provided in word and PDF formats
  • Policies are written to be generic and may need further editing to match your registration groups

Payment terms

  • Payment is due in full prior to policy delivery
  • No Refunds will be issued after policy delivery

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Frequently Ask Questions

The usual timeframe is 2-3 business days from when payment is made in full and the business information form is received. If you need it sooner please let us know and we will attempt to meet your deadline.

The policies and forms outlined above in the deliverables section 

PROVIDERPlus membership offers a range of benefits including policy updates, free consultation and access to a range of exclusive webinars and events. You must a member prior to purchasing the policies to receive the discount. Interested in joining? Click HERE for more details. 

Included in this price we will add your business name and logo to your policies. Forms do not include any logos or customisation, however are provided in a word document and can be added by your organisation as you wish. Any additional changes or amendments will be quoted for as a separate job.

We do offer consultations to providers on a host of areas, you can book a consultation on this link.  Noting that consultations incur an additional charge and aren’t included in the policy pack price.

The NDIS Commission require you to demonstrate you meet the NDIS Practice standards and the NDIS Rule. Previous state based audits were checking different standards and will require you to either purchase updated policies, or update these yourself. 

The NDIS process is somewhat complex and multifaceted. We have a range of resources on our blog and a range of online programs to explain the process in detail. Please review our blogs  or book a consultation to review the key details on this process.

Yes, we can facilitate an introduction with an auditor for our clients at their request.

Not in this fee, but we do provide annual policy updates within our PROVIDERplus Membership program.

The best way to discuss your policy needs with us is to book a 30-minute consult (book here). 

If you wish to have a full consult around other areas of your business, such as the audit process or selection of registration groups please book 60-min paid consult.