The importance of onboarding staff to your care provider business

Whether you’re an NDIS or a My Aged Care provider, onboarding new staff to your business is essential to their ongoing performance. Many people see onboarding their staff induction simply as ‘ticking a box’, a requirement they need to do, but properly onboarding your staff can make a big difference to how well they do their role. A good first impression is vital, as it will impact how someone feels about their role the whole way through.

 Why have an induction program?

A good induction or onboarding program introduces a new staff member to your work culture. It’s the time to outline what is expected of them, what their role involves and what their place is in your business. This is also when you introduce your worker to your vision, mission and goals, giving new staff a clear understanding of the business from the outset.

 A good induction process will also provide new-starters practical information and introduce them to the tools they need to do their job. Getting them up-to-speed on how the business works and their part in it will help ensure they become productive as quickly as possible. 

Need more reasons?

 Here are some compelling statistics why proper onboarding is essential for your business:

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